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Most Primary schools organise central resources areas with easy access, where a wide range of "junk materials" or "recycled household items" are held for general use by all staff at each Key Stage.

The budget allocation for consumable materials and for purchasing equipment will only stretch so far and with more classes involved in Art and Design Technology activities these precious resourcesl rapidly run out.

Health and Safety regulations need careful consideration but parents can often be persuaded to help by sending in many useful discarded or recycled household items. Alternatively these can be obtained from local firms to supplement the School budget. Some LEA s organise a central facility where local industry and commercial businesses can send their waste materials and all schools in the LEA can draw from these.

It isn't a case of having to beg, borrow and steal, but negotiating with parents and others to help contribute to the smoother running of classroom topics and activities.

What is important is that schools insist that all plastic bottles, beakers, tubs etc are thoroughly washed by parents before they are sent to school. In this way their help is twofold, providing the materials for classroom activities and ensuring that "as far as is practicable" there is no source of infection or other type of risk to the children. Bleach containers and toilet rolls are two risks of particular note, from possible poisoning and contamination from soiled hands and should be avoided at all costs. Common sense is usually a guide in these matters, and risks assessment can be made beforehand.

So for Art and Design and Technology the following materials may be needed for the practical sessions at various points.

CARD of varying thicknesses (Mask making and general construction)

Synthetic FURS and FABRICS of any type (Puppetry in particular)

WOOL YARN AND THREAD, remnants (Simple weaving and textile work)

CARDBOARD ROLLS, paper towel roll centres (Variety of uses)

PLASTIC BOTTLES, various sizes, ie, shampoo, mineral water, milk shake etc (The bodies of figures)
PLASTIC BEAKERS, ie, pot noodles or similar (Puppetry)

RECTANGULAR PLASTIC CONTAINERS, ie "Flora" margarine, "Philadelphia" cheese (Carts and Vehicle bodies)

, ie "Vitalite" or similar

ROUND LIDS of all types (Wheels, pulleys, rollers)

POLYTHENE SHEETING, transparent, opaque and coloured, large carrier bags (Kites)

BEADS AND BUTTONS of various types and sizes (Decorative effects)

And anything else that may be needed for "Practically Focussed Tasks" that the teacher may be organizing.

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